Mark Liebman - bass
Adam Draper - drums
Skyler Norwood - guitar, vocals

Originally from Florida, the quintet moved to Portland in early 1999. Understanding where to take the best ideas and how to keep things fun is the goal. The team's approach to songwriting both challenges and rewards its audience in a "three chord world" by blending uncommon time signatures and powerful vocal melodies to compel their audience to engage both emotionally and intellectually, leaving the band and its audience satiated and satisfied. Their sound is very reminiscent of bands from the Midwest and Washington D.C. of the 80's and 90's. Experienced live, The Forth's intense stage presence leaves its audience breathless due to their precision, demeanor and raw energy.

"This show is perhaps a little bit too well lined up. The Forth, Bastinado, and 6 Minute Heartstop all play a down-easy version of not-quite poppy, but hard enough to air-drum to, "rip your heart out with my growls," kind of rock. This is nothing shocking in a scene where you can't walk two yards down the street without encountering an indie rocker. The difference is that all three manage to pull off the genre with a flair that sets them apart from the assembly line. Bastinado and 6 Minute Heartstop take a softer line of attack than The Forth, who is more torture and posture than melancholic rumble. My worry is that seeing them back-to-back might diminish the subtle differences in their sound, like a run-on sentence spoken in distortion. Hopefully, it well end up as a great pig-out fest for the tuned ear of connoisseurs."
- Marjorie Skinner, Portland Mercury

"The jagged, jarring nature of the The Forth's music goes well with the music of their billmates, the talented screamo of Science of Yabra and floundering instrumetal of Wadsworth. The Forth's music is in a lot of ways confusing, with a shitload of changes, super-filling drumming, and a lead singer that goes from Brit-punk attitude to sounding like Chris Cornell. A lot of times they seem to be heading in the right direction, they're just trying to do too much in one song. When they simplify, however, they achieve a familiar and loveable sound I'd liken to Braid."
- Katie Shimer, Portland Mercury



Our Aim is for the Team
LM029 - CD
Released 2004


THE FORTH - Our Aim is for the Team
CD - 2004


*01* O
*02* slept through the end
*03* museum museum
*04* fell out of flavor
*05* demonstrator
*06* casting call
*07* telescopes of mt. olympus
*08* snowsuits
*09* new open discussions
*10* -***
*11* settlers now arriving by the thousands